Hey. Sorry it has been a while since the last update.

I have taken on another Qt project, Dolphin. It’s an open-source Wii Emulator that can play most Gamecube and Wii games flawlessly (think Super Mario Bros or Mario Kart Wii). While such compatibility with a current-generation console is a feat in itself, this emulator can actually exceed the quality of the Wii console. Rendering at up to 1080p with 8x anti-aliasing, anisotropic filtering and everything else that modern PC games are capable of while pushing 60 FPS.

The problem? The UI is done with WXWidgets. So I’m here to convert it all to Qt as I have done to projects such as Beryl and Compiz-Fusion in the past.

Picking up on a branch dolphin-qt (by NeoBrain), I have already started off the commits with a MSVC solution file and a number of changes to the UI. The UI works and can load games but isn’t feature-complete yet.

This isn’t the first time I have worked on this emulator. Two years ago I re-factored most of the code to support SSSE3 and SSE4 intrinsics which sped up emulation significantly in some areas.

If you find yourself particularly skilful with Qt and would like to help out, join in. Everyone is welcome to commit worthwhile improvements :).