ReQognise available on Ovi Store

My first Ovi Store published app is now available. It has taken a long time but I think I finally have the process perfected and hopefully the next few apps won’t be as difficult.

If you want to check out reQognise 1.0.3, click the image link below. Also, be sure to comment here if you’ve tried my game and have any opinions/thoughts. It’s always good to get another persons views and inputs. It’s very possible I will implement your changes!

Just a general development update:

I am currently working on two other applications that may require a newer version of Qt (and hence Symbian Belle) before they can be published. However, I will try my best to keep this blog updated with all my development activities and even produce beta builds of my next apps for viewers to test out.

My current challenge is multitouch in QtQuick. There is a buggy implementation that has been deprecated and was never allowed in Ovi Store anyway. This will be replaced in a future Qt with a new touch API. I’m currently using Qt C++ backend to do multitouch but I am finding it laggy and it only supports two inputs. If you share these gripes or have a solution, feel free to comment in here.