Android Apps on Playbook OS 2.0 (Whatsapp, Skype)

Update: Now the latest WhatsappĀ as of 5th Jan 2013 is provided.

While not entirely related to Qt, I am very excited at the amount of applications that are now possible on Playbook thanks to the new Android Player. Many games are working perfectly. Most importantly, Skype and Whatsapp now run flawlessly.

Whatsapp Playbook

The versions I got working are: Skype Beta and Whatsapp 2.6.7814. I had troubles with newer Skype.

Update: A number of people have requested the installable .bar files, so I have provided them here.

Now, as the Playbook does not support 3G, there is some extra steps you need to do to prove your phone number:

  1. Enter your phone number as per normal and wait for the four minute timer to expire.
  2. When the verification fails, it asks if you want to be called instead. Choose ‘Call Me’
  3. Now you will receive a phone call with a three digit number that you can enter in to Whatsapp.
  4. Now you’re all activated with Whatsapp on your Playbook.

In other news, the native Cascades UI that will be released soon is based on Qt. It seems RIM has made Qt a focus for its porting efforts. You can find RIM’s Qt port at their new opensource repository: