My latest Blackberry firmware utility, Sachesi is now available.
Sachesi allows you to extract, search for and install Blackberry firmware. This is a continued evolution of the original Sachup and Sachibar applications.

Latest releases available here. Current: 1.2.3

Old Releases
Download Folder
Mac 1.1.2 (237KB, 64-bit, Requires Qt 4


Update: All known bugs have been fixed and I have decided to announce the availability of version 1.0.

I have reverse-engineered a lot of the internal tools used on your Blackberry 10 device. I now present you with my findings, a firmware grabber application called Sachup and an application (.bar) side-loader and operating system+radio installer Sachibar:

Update! 4th July 2013
Download here. [Windows]
Update! 14th June 2013 #2
Download here. [Linux 64-bit, requires Qt]

Sachup Firmware Grabber – Windows (12th June)

Sachup Firmware Grabber – Linux (12th June)

Sachibar Application and Firmware Installer (12th June)

4th July
Bug fixes for signed extracter. Now extracts RCFS partitions from Core and Radio.

Hello everyone. This method allows you to run any Android 2.3.3 app in Blackberry 10.1. Even if the app is using NATIVE CODE.
Update: Now works with Android 4.2.2 apps using 10.2 Beta OS.

1. Java JRE
2. My Android-Pack: (Windows) (Mac) (Linux). Updated 8th of August.
3. Debug Token in same directory as Android-Pack

Create Debug Token on Windows:

  • Simply request tokens here. Keep note of the ‘PIN’ you chose.
  • Edit config.txt from Android-Pack. Fill it in according to the examples and instructions it contains.
  • Copy the two .csj files that were emailed to you in to the same folder as this pack. Then run RegisterToken.
  • You should have a if everything went successfully. Now you can continue.


    Windows: Drag any Android app .apk on to ConvertAndroidApp.
    Mac/Linux: Run ./ MyAndroidApp.apk and install resulting .bar file.

    Remember: Every 30 days you just need to run RenewToken

    Frequency Asked Questions

  • Why does it tell me my keystore password is incorrect?
    This usually means you are registering a second time. To register a second time you need to move or delete your debugtoken and your old registration files. They are located in %APPDATA%\..\Local\Research In Motion
  • My app crashes/doesn’t work properly. Why?
    Catlog is your friend! Sideload this. Crash your app. This will tell you why.
  • If you would like to thank me for my time and effort, you can donate to me here.

    This has been working for months now. Sorry for not getting it out to you guys earlier!

    v0.7.6 is up now for all platforms.

    Instead of spamming my blog with updates, I have created a page here.
    All daily builds are here for Symbian, Meego and Blackberry 10.

    Here is an official stable release for the three platforms.

    Note: Speed hack is now an option again and shows the correct VPS when it is used.



    Blackberry 10 (Note: Playbook is no longer supported. Please download the previous version here.)

    Meego Harmattan

    Here is the latest release for Symbian, Blackberry and now Meego Harmattan.


    • Now based on git v0.7-584. This brings changes to FBO and UI.
    • Experimental ‘speed hack’ that I devised. Changes the internal game clock to run at full speed. Use this instead of frameskipping on games that support it. Example: Wipeout

    Symbian: Download here. (If you use anĀ iPega Bluetooth Gamepad keymap, download here.)

    Blackberry: Download here.

    Harmattan (N9/N950): Download here.

    Note: There was a bug in the original Harmattan version. Please download again if you were affected.

    Here is the latest Symbian release based on v0.7-518, 8th April 2013.

    It includes all the latest changes from github such as improved UI (showing game list and game images in menu), improved compatibility and speed.

    It also includes improvement to video RAM management for first-generation Symbian^3 devices. Jetpack Joyride should now be playable because of this (when buffered rendering is off and frameskip is on).

    Download here.


    Here’s a quick update for Symbian.

    Accelerometer can do full 360 degree joystick (from v0.6.8) again.

    Using code from latest git.


    Download here.

    Here are the official v0.7 releases.

    These are a massive upgrade from the previous v0.6.1 release. If you haven’t been following the git releases you will be pleasantly surprised by how much the performance and compatibility has improved.

    PPSSPP v0.7 for Symbian

    PPSSPP v0.7 for Blackberry

    Here is a quick update for Symbian to add support for accelerometer, bug fixes and compatibility improvements.

    PPSSPP v0.6.8 for Symbian.

    PPSSPP v0.6.8 for Blackberry10.